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OUR MISSION: Natural Fertilizer for Soil

Restored Harvest is dedicated to revolutionizing the way we approach gardening and agriculture by offering 100% natural rock powder non-chemical fertilizer for soil. Our commitment lies in providing an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemical fertilizers, ensuring that your garden thrives while also contributing positively to the planet. Our mission is not just to enhance yield, but to do so in a way that significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with agricultural practices.


Using Restored Harvest's fertilizer for soil means embracing a holistic approach to garden health. Our fertilizer for soil are designed to enrich the earth with essential minerals and nutrients that promote vigorous plant growth. Unlike chemical fertilizers, our natural rock powders do not leach harmful substances into the soil or groundwater, making them a safer choice for both your garden and the environment. This sustainable practice helps in preserving the ecological balance and promotes long-term soil fertility.


One of the standout benefits of our fertilizer for soil is their ability to prevent common garden issues such as pests, fungus, and blight without relying on chemical sprays. Chemical pesticides and fungicides can harm beneficial insects and microbes that are crucial for a healthy garden ecosystem. By using our natural rock powder fertilizer for soil, you create a healthier environment where plants can flourish naturally. The minerals in the rock powder strengthen plant structures and enhance their natural defenses against diseases and pests.

The Restored Harvest Way


100% Natural Products

At Restored Harvest, we only offer 100% natural rock powder non-chemical fertilizer. We believe that this is the best way to promote garden health and plant growth while reducing the carbon footprint.


bioroc pure garden goodness

Our products are eco-friendly and serve as an alternative to synthetic fertilizers that can harm the environment. We are committed to reducing our impact on the planet and promoting sustainable practices.

bioroc produces blountiful blooms

Promoting Garden Health

Our mission is to promote garden health and prevent pests, fungus, and blight without the use of chemical sprays. We believe that a healthy garden is a happy garden, and we are dedicated to providing solutions that work.

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