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California Dept. of Food & Agriculture

Registration Class: Non-Chemical Fertilizer, Organic Input Material.
Registration ID: 840116

For over three decades, we have been dedicated to the meticulous research, development, and rigorous testing of our patented 100% natural fertilizer, which is specifically designed to supplant chemical alternatives. Our ongoing commitment addresses the critical need to repair the significant environmental harm inflicted by synthetic fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers have long been known to contribute to soil degradation, water pollution, and the disruption of local ecosystems. By contrast, our natural products, including our organic fertilizer for vegetables, aim to rejuvenate and sustain the soil, fostering a healthier agricultural environment.


Our organic fertilizer for vegetables is designed to provide an eco-friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers. The benefits of using our organic fertilizer for vegetables extend beyond just nourishing the plants; it actively contributes to restoring the natural balance of the soil. By choosing our organic fertilizer for vegetables, farmers, and gardeners can ensure their produce is not only healthier but also grown in an environmentally responsible manner.


The efficacy of organic fertilizer for vegetables and other crops was officially endorsed by the US Department of Agriculture in 1994, recognizing the substantial benefits of using natural over synthetic fertilizers. This endorsement has been a cornerstone of our continued innovation and improvement in the field of organic fertilizers.


Our range of products includes BioRock, PoweRoc, and RocTea, all of which are registered as 100% Natural Fertilizers by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. These products are crafted from the finest natural ingredients, ensuring they provide essential nutrients to the soil without the adverse effects associated with chemical fertilizers. BioRock, for instance, is specifically formulated to enhance soil structure and nutrient content, making it an ideal organic fertilizer for vegetables. PoweRoc is another key product, designed to release nutrients slowly over time, thus providing a steady supply of nutrition to plants. This slow-release feature is particularly beneficial for vegetable gardens, where consistent growth and yield are critical.

Chemical Free Fertilizer Bio Roc bulk
100% natural GUARANTEED
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